One of the things every developer knows or should know is that they code must be properly supported and have a revision version control system. After some years using SVN, Git became my favorite. As remote repository I start using the paid version of Codebase but a couple of friends told me about BitBucket, a web-based hosting service for projects that use either the Mercurial or Git revision control systems. With no budget for my project, the free plan (up to 5 users) was my choice.

Setting the account and starting cloning, pushing and pulling was very easy. The graphical interface is clean and so intuitive and after a couple of steps I had my local repository (a directory on my Linux box) synchronized with the remote repository I just created.

So if you're starting to develop your project and want to try this option, I recommend init a GIT repository on your local machine (git init) and a remote repository BitBucket... and if you have problems, take a look at the How-To section, where they are explained in more detail the basic steps. (Para español pulse aquí)